Rules for Submissions

We strive to celebrate creativity, talent and excellence. We think the rules should be simple to understand and inspire more professionals to submit their work! However, these are rules, not guidelines. Any submission, no matter how artistic and beautiful, that violates any of these rules, will be disqualified.

Entries will only be accepted through this website.  Ensure you add the category you are applying for at the TOP of your entry submission.

All submissions require a collection (separate looks) of three images. Not four or more, only three. You may use the same model, but the hair must be different (not the same hair from three different angles.)


Images must be high resolution and include all credits (including the photographer).

We welcome you to try something different - models of ANY age, gender, and ethnicity are enthusiastically encouraged.


Digital retouching is acceptable, but the hair must be done by YOU, not the computer (the judges ALWAYS know).


Wigs and hairpieces are embraced but please note any use of materials obviously not hair or that are synthetic (any look  essentially a headpiece or hat) will disqualify your entry.


Any stylist interested in applying for multiple awards is invited to do so however, a collection cannot be entered in multiple categories.  Each category must be a different collection for that entrant.

This is meant to be a fun way to express your creativity and develop your eye. If it's your first ever entry into an award category or program, celebrate your work with courage, confidence, and commitment to your craft!   

Submission deadline

E N T R I E S  c l o s e 
October 11, 2021

Entries will only be accepted through this website